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Michigan weed prop 1

7 Nov 2018 Michigan's Marijuana Legalization Initiative, known better as Prop 1, allows adults aged 21 and over the right to purchase and possess  5 Dec 2018 In November, Michigan voters passed the Hemp Legalization Initiative, or Proposal 1, which legalizes recreational cannabis use statewide for  Then, in November of 2018, Michigan voters approved Proposal 1, which led to the creation of The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act. In this  7 Nov 2018 “The Proposal 1 campaign boiled down into one of fact versus fear,” said Josh Hovey, spokesman for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like 

NJ marijuana legalization: When's the NJ legal weed vote? Will Michigan Prop 1 change us? Michigan voters legalized weed while New Jersey marijuana legalization is still sitting in the Legislature.

2 Oct 2018 GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - We are now five weeks from Election Day, and there are three state-wide measures on the ballot. Every Tuesday until  Proposal 18-1 will appear on the ballot as follows: Create a state licensing system for marijuana businesses and allow municipalities to ban or restrict them. 27 Nov 2018 The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is a committee False TV ads from opponents of Prop 1 in Michigan were pulled from TV  Cannabis in Michigan is legal for recreational use. A 2018 initiative to legalize recreational use passed with 56% of the vote. State-licensed  8 Nov 2018 U.S. Attorneys say marijuana is still illegal, despite passage of Prop 1 But despite Michigan's vote, marijuana remains illegal under federal 

There’s also a massive economic benefit: Prop 18-1 will impose a 10 percent cannabis sales tax, which will help support Michigan’s infrastructure, clinical research, education and regulatory

Michigan Proposal 1, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, was on the ballot in Michigan as an indirect initiated state statute on November 6, 2018. The measure  If approved by the voters, Proposal 18-1 would create a new act, entitled the “Michigan give to another adult up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and, in his or her  6 Nov 2018 The proposal to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use was on its way to victory early Wednesday morning, making Michigan the first  Michigan Proposition 1. This proposal allows individuals 21 years and older to use marijuana recreationally, grow up to 12 plants for personal consumption, 

08.08.2018 · On November 6, voters will determine if recreational marijuana is legalized. If the measure passes, here’s what recreational marijuana use will look like in

"I'd stay on because I think we have a lot left to do," she said. More on freep.com: Proposal 1: Marijuana legalization passes in Michigan. Michigan employers still can fire you for smoking pot