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Jan 27, 2020 Texas, Nebraska and Delaware—in addition to the Colorado River Indian paving the way for legal cannabis cultivation in Texas,” Fazio said. Oct 10, 2019 Texas Officials Suddenly Shut Down Medical Marijuana Dispensary mandated by law, were accepted: Surterra Texas, Cansortium Texas and  Medical marijuana is legal in Texas under the Texas Compassionate Use Act. However, the medical marijuana program is limited and you need to fit very  Jan 8, 2020 Greg Abbott was firmly against legalizing marijuana in Texas. The law narrowed the definition of marijuana to cannabis containing more than 

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Texas Marijuana Laws: Is Marijuana Legal in Texas? Possession of marijuana is illegal in Texas. No bills to legalize marijuana have been proposed in any form since 2008. For purposes of Texas law, marijuana is spelled “marihuana” in all statutes. If you are arrested for possessing marijuana, the charges you face will depend on the amount of marijuana in your possession and how you intended to use it.

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Here's How Texas Could Finally Legalize Cannabis | Leafly Texas technically opened its doors (albeit narrowly) to legal cannabis in 2015, when Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 339, the Compassionate Use Act. The act allows physicians who treat CBD & Industrial Hemp - Cannabis and the Law - Guides at Texas

Over the last three years, she has invested time to research and analyze the legal cannabis business industry, completing coursework in cannabis science and legalities*. Steel is a member of the NORML Legal Committee and the International Cannabis Bar Association. She has worked with Texas administrative agencies, as well as federal, state and

Jul 1, 2019 The Harris County DA announced her office will stop accepting low-level pot charges after state law complicates testing for THC. Texas has only one pro-cannabis policy in place, a limited low-THC medical cannabis law. Learn all about Texas marijuana laws. Jul 19, 2019 Prosecutors say labs don't have the time or equipment to distinguish between legal hemp and illegal pot. With major differences in marijuana laws from one state to another, there is confusion among many on whether or not it is legal to bring marijuana into Texas