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So, after 2 weeks post Kona, I thought that I would give an update. I had a great week off in Honolulu getting some well earned rest & recovery and catching up with everyone that came across to support.

Do you have some interesting wildlife related news? August 22, “Do you have some interesting wildlife related news?” is the intended subject of the comment column. Instead it has turned into the usual opinion and repartee’ we too often see in unmoderated local newspapers. I recognize some of the names, and I applaud their intermittend efforts to actually POST ‘interesting wildlife news.” Attachments of Community Plan Committee - 8 June 2017 I'd like to see Hutt City adopt a wheelie bin system like Christchurch where everyone gets the chance to separate green waste and recycling out of general rubbish thus reducing landfill. We also need recycling available in the CBD - the Council should be leading the way in this in its own buildings. Finally, it would be great to see Lower Hutt

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Comrade J3d writes Why? Because it is a physical network extension, and the ISP isn't a part of the funding arrangement. If they were, then they would be a party to the arrangement as well.

led to immunosuppression and recovery from immune-mediated injury to organs is initiated with the ligation of death receptors (i.e., CD95) on the cell surface, Other natural and synthetic cannabinoid compounds (CBD, AEA, ajulemic